Man Tasered For Refusing To Sign Ticket
November 24, 2007, 2:53 am
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Man Tasered For Refusing To Sign Ticket

Salt Lake Tribune
November 22, 2007

It’s right there on YouTube: A Utah Highway Patrol trooper appears to Taser a motorist after he refused to sign his speeding ticket.

The UHP confirms the man has filed a complaint over the incident two months ago. He requested and received video from the trooper’s dash-cam, which he then posted it to the Internet.

UHP reportedly is investigating the incident, and whether its trooper was justified in Tasering the motorist.

The incident purportedly happened near Vernal in mid-September. The driver’s SUV was pulled over for speeding. His wife and a toddler reportedly were inside the vehicle at the time.

The video shows the driver becoming visibly frustrated, demanding to know how fast he was going.

The trooper responds, “Well, you’re going to sign this first.” “No, I’m not. I’m not signing anything, officer,” the driver replies.

It was after the trooper ordered the man to put his hands behind his back — and the driver refused, instead trying to return to the car — that the trooper Tasered the man.


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Simple answer to the ‘Taser Problem’. Obey, and you will not be tased. Do what law enforcement says, and you will not be tased. Every individual who gets tased FAILS TO LISTEN TO WHAT THE OFFICER HAS TO SAY. In the video above, the officer REPEATEDLY tells the driver what to do and why he is under arrest, yet the driver plays STUPID and igonres the office, and wants to know why he is being arrested, along with his air-head wife who sees nothing but dollar signs from a lawyer who will undoubtedly sue law enforcement for doing their job. Please, we are a sick country. Do what the police say, and you won’t get hurt. Put it this way: You may curse law enforcement for being so ‘brutal’, but what would you say if your child were in danger and you or your family were in danger from the hands of some crazed whacko, but the officer did not taze them for fear of being ‘brutal’, and you or your family got hurt? THen you would sue the office for NOT taking action. Again, a sick country.

Comment by Jim Seilhymer

Fuck that! Is that how a man with his wife and kid in the vehicle, who was only slightly speeding is supposed to be treated? With all the criminals and fucktards running around your gonna tell me that a guy like him deserves to be tasered, you gotta be shittin me! That fuckin shit kickere is not god. Who the fuck does he think he is? You don’t have to sign a GODDAMN thing if you don’t want to, thast isn’t a crime. I think you are sick Jimmy Smellyhymen

Comment by DIDMAN

That honest, patriotic UNARMED American could have very easily DIED from being Tasered — in the BACK, as he WALKED AWAY.

If he had died, that cop should have been charged with Capital Murder. As it is, that cop should be charged with, at the very least, Assault With A Deadly Weapon. Attempted Murder might be the more appropriate charge.

If that American’s screaming wife had come out of the vehicle shooting, instead of screaming, and had blasted that un-American traitor SOB in the face with a load of 12-gauge 00 Buckshot, she would not only have been fully justified, but it would have been a heroic act — the new Shot Heard ‘Round the World — for which she ought to have her image put on the new coinage once constitutional government has been restored to Police State America.

But that cop won’t be punished at all. His comrades are all slapping him on the back. Bill O’Reilly’s on TV praising his actions.

If, say, the otherwise unarmed wife and mom had tried to back the SUV over that murderous anti-American traitor, and he had emptied his semiautomatic pistol’s large-capacity magazine into the SUV, killing the wife and child inside, he’d be decorated as a hero by the present ungodly, un-American regime.

This once proud land — the land of the free and home of the brave — has become a savage, evil land, with “laws” made by traitors, enforced by murderers.

Somebody tell Claire “It’s time.”

Power To the People.


Comment by Jungle Jim

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