Vaccine exposes Aussies to AIDS

Vaccine exposes Aussies to AIDS
AIDS “Vaccine” Clinical Trial Leads To HIV Infections In Volunteers Who’ve Never Had The Virus

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November 8, 2007

In an appalling example of how terribly wrong clinical trials of vaccines can go, dozens of people testing a new anti-AIDS vaccine have caught the virus they were supposed to be protected against. The HIV-loaded vaccine also made people who had previously had a higher level of immunity to infection more likely to catch the virus :

Nine Australians are believed to be among thousands of people who are unaware a once-promising vaccine for AIDS has increased their infection risk, after they participated in clinical trials around the world.The multinational trials involving more than 3,000 HIV-negative volunteers were cancelled in September after a large-scale study found the vaccine was not effective at preventing infection.

Researchers have this morning revealed far worse news – those who received the V520 vaccine are more susceptible to acquiring the AIDS virus. It is understood nine of the 18 people from Sydney involved in the study were given the HIV vaccine but do not know. The volunteers were warned to protect themselves from exposure to AIDS but were not told if they were administered the vaccine or the inactive placebo.

The information was kept secret to minimise biases in the study.

So they knew the vaccine trial had gone horribly wrong, that people who did not have HIV were developing AIDS after being given the vaccine, but they held back from telling the people whose lives were now in danger because they were afraid of “biases” creeping into their study?


Scientists claim they are “baffled” :

The study started 18 months ago after 20 years of research and development to get the vaccine to human trials.Its chief researcher in Australia, Dr Tony Kelleher from the University of New South Wales, told ABC reporter Karen Barlow in May last year there was no chance for the vaccine to cause HIV infection because it carried so little of the virus.

They gave HIV to people who did not have HIV. What’s there to be “baffled” about?

Researchers say….somehow things went horribly wrong with the phase-two trial.Of the people who had the HIV vaccine, 49 became infected with the virus…

You give people who don’t have HIV a vaccine with HIV in it, 49 become infected with HIV. And you’re “baffled” as to how they got HIV?

“We are analysing the data to try to determine if the results are due to immune responses induced by the vaccine, differences in study populations, or some other biological phenomenon we don’t yet understand, or simply due to chance….It will take some time before we understand why the vaccine did not work and why there was a trend toward more cases of infection in volunteers who received the vaccine.”

Apparently the vaccine was constructed from a cold virus, which was loaded up with three “synthetically produced” HIV genes.

There’s a synthetic version of the HIV virus, is there?

One of the supposed failings of the vaccine includes its ability to make people who previously had a higher immunity against catching HIV more likely to then catch the virus.

It sounds more like a bioweapon than a vaccine.

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Newer studies show the same thing- read about it here.

Noting Pandemrix for H1N1 shows a false positive for HIV after innoculation!!!!

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