Hillary Clinton refuses to sign the Freedom Pledge

Clinton refuses to sign the Freedom Pledge, which demands that the future president give up the power to torture, go to war, spy on Americans,etc.

The Political Inquirer
November 2, 2007

Does anyone remember last week when Hillary Clinton went against her appearance as a power-grabber and said she would give up powers as president? Today in the New York Times, Bruce Fein, the Chairman of the American Freedom Agenda, said that Hillary refuses to sign the pledge.

What does the American Freedom pledge do? Well, here’s the letter:

Re “Clinton Plans to Consider Giving Up Some Powers” (news article, Oct. 24): The American Freedom Agenda, an organization of conservatives founded last March 20 to restore checks and balances and protections against government abuses, requested all presidential aspirants, including Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, to sign an American Freedom Pledge.

They were asked to renounce the following powers if elected: torture; presidential signing statements; indefinite detentions of American citizens as enemy combatants; military commissions that combine judge, jury and prosecutor; spying on American citizens in contravention of federal statutes on the president’s say-so alone; kidnapping, imprisoning and torturing suspected terrorists abroad; executive privilege to shield the executive branch from Congressional oversight; prosecuting journalists under the Espionage Act for exposing national security abuses; listing organizations as terrorist groups based on secret evidence; suspending the writ of habeas corpus during the conflict with international terrorism; and invoking the state secrets privilege to deny victims of constitutional wrongdoing any judicial remedy. Senator Clinton has balked at signing the pledge, as have all other candidates except Representative Ron Paul.

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