Fox Accuses Ron Paul Campaign Of Using Botnets

Fox Accuses Ron Paul Campaign Of Using Botnets

Kurt Nimmo
Truth News
November 1, 2007

“Ron Paul supporters may be using e-mail spam and dirty tricks to gin up support for their presidential candidate on the Internet,” Fox News claims, and then drags out an expert to pour on the slime.

“This is clearly a criminal act in support of a campaign, which has been committed with or without [its] knowledge,” University of Alabama at Birmingham computer-forensics expert Gary Warner told Wired News. “Warner says his lab traced the e-mails back to servers in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe—signifying that whoever sent them may have used a botnet, or world-wide network of hijacked computers, to pump out massive volumes of e-mail.”

Of course, it is entirely possible over zealous Paul supporters are guilty of such tactics. As well, it is possible a neocon or “conservative” operative is guilty of attempting to heap dirt on the Ron Paul campaign, although Fox does not bother to reach this conclusion. No wonder they are considered “fair and balanced.”

“Ron Paul spokesman Jesse Benton says the campaign has no knowledge of the scam. Warner himself says that he has no reason to believe that the Paul campaign had anything to do with these messages,” adds Wired News. “Some participants in the online political world have long suspected Paul’s technically sophisticated fan base of manipulating online tools and polls to boost the appearance of a wide base of support. But the UAB analysis is the first to document any internet shenanigans.”

Of course, any such “shenanigans”—real, imagined, or conducted by dirty tricksters tasked with taking out the libertarian candidate—pale in comparison to the concerted corporate media and big political machine effort to ignore Paul and lock him out of the election process.

“The finding is significant, because Paul’s online support—as gauged by blog mentions, friends on social-networking sites such as MySpace and popularity in online polls—has garnered him wide mainstream print and television coverage, despite his relatively poor performance in offline polling,” Wired continues.

Naturally, Ron Paul’s grassroots and ingenious viral campaign irks the heck out of his opponents because it is not a dog and pony show controlled by transnational “news” and “entertainment” corporations, determined to shove Bilderberg Hillary or Rudy the mob boss stand-in down the throats of voting Americans.

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But the UAB analysis is the first to document any internet shenanigans

Has anyone but the researcher seen the documentation?

Isn’t it common practice to keep an investigation secret until you apprehend the culprits?

That is, if your investigation is genuine, and has some purpose other than a smear campaign.

Comment by Joe Schembrie

This subject is suspect. The elites have been scratching their heads for awhile wondering why Dr. Ron Paul kept winning on-line polls. Dr. Ron Paul is the number one internet candidate as he is opposed to taxing it and endorses the free press that can be found.

Comment by PA Freedom

What is wrong with the pollsters? Are they afraid that Ron Paul might just win? Well, I have known Ron Paul for over 37 years and he is a man of high integrity who votes using the guidelines of the Constitution. Every interviewer has felt it necessary to bring up the fact that he is a libertarian. He keeps correcting them by saying he is a constitutionalist. He was sworn in, just like the other congressmen, agreeing to follow the guidelines of the Constitution. He just remembers to use it when he is voting or proposing bills. The media, the democrats and the GOP have been against him from the start in 1976 because he didn’t go to Washington to play games. He is a man of honor and the people can see it, but the media doesn’t know what to do with him. Because he is untouchable the media has come after me and his other supporters. I think that is called slander. Hannity and Combs have done that after every Fox debate. Because Fox didn’t allow my cell phone carrier to interact with their poll, I’ve never been able to vote. I’m sure there are others like me. Dr. Paul has received more votes from our soldiers around the world than any other candidate. We have soldiers in 150 countries around the world. Are they not supposed to take part unless they are physically on their homeland? Give Dr. Paul a chance. He has served his country well his whole life.

Comment by KMS23

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