Who Expects 4-Digit Gold and Why!

Who Expects 4-Digit Gold and Why!
Over forty economists finally agree on something

Swiss America
October 19, 2007

The commodity super-cycle has swept gold prices to nearly triple since 2001 — but that’s just the kickoff say the experts.

How high will this bull market in “real money” and commodities drive gold prices over the next 5 to 15 years? Get ready to be shocked!

Gold prices have grown about $100/oz. per year since 2003. Gold was $300 in ’03, $400 in ’04, $500 in ’05, $600 in ’06 and now $750 in ’07. Savvy investors and gold experts see $800 gold in 2008!

Recently many analysts have jumped onto the $1,000/oz. plus gold bandwagon — most of whom were not considered “gold bugs” in the past, like Citibank and JP Morgan & Co.

Here’s a list of forty-two prominent analysts, authors and gold experts already on the record forecasting four-digit gold prices to arrive in the years ahead. Their combined gold price expectation is $2,000/oz. gold!

Count for yourself the dozens of good reasons for owning gold today, which these experts suggest will drive gold prices sky high. I’ve listed two dozen reasons at the conclusion.

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