Stop UN Power Grab, Oppose LOST

Stop UN Power Grab, Oppose LOST

October 06, 2007

The United States is inching closer toward ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). President Bush endorsed this treaty in May and has since urged the Senate to ratify it. Initial reports indicated that the Senate may have attempted to ratify LOST before adjourning for the August recess.

Recent reports indicate that a vote to ratify the treaty could take place at any time. Former President Ronald Reagan originally rejected the ratification of LOST in 1982, but recent appeals from the Bush administration, some members of Congress, and the Council on Foreign Relations, has caused the treaty to resurface.

The Washington Post recently published commentary by Frank Gaffney, Jr., president of the Center for Security Policy. In his commentary Gaffney wrote:

To date, the full malevolent potential of the Law of the Sea Treaty has been more in prospect than in evidence. If the United States accedes to LOST, however, it is predictable that the treaty’s agencies will: wield their powers in ways that will prove very harmful to American interests; intensify the web of sovereignty-sapping obligations and regulations promulgated by this and other U.N. entities; and advance inexorably the emergence of supranational world government.

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Dead in the Water – Law of the Sea Treaty Resurfaces


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