Dead in the Water – Law of the Sea Treaty Resurfaces

Dead in the Water – Law of the Sea Treaty Resurfaces

Dana Gabriel
October 3, 2007

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) would essentially give United Nations control of what happens on, over, and under the world’s oceans. This would include seven-tenths of the worlds surface. Former President Ronald Regan was opposed to it, but years later some changes were made and it was signed by then President Bill Clinton. He had hoped that it would be ratified, but because of intense opposition, it never made it to the Senate floor. After several attempts under George W. Bush’s presidency, it now appears as if it has the support to go to vote and pass. President Bush, the State Department, and the Department of Defense are now all pushing for its ratification. Proponents of LOST insist that it is necessary in order to protect U.S. interests in the world’s oceans. The truth is that the U.S. already honors many of its provisions and ratifying the treaty would seriously encroach on American sovereignty and give the UN more power and authority over our own affairs.

Currently, 155 nations have ratified LOST with the U.S. being the only one out of the major powers not to do so. LOST will establish a comprehensive set of rules and regulations governing the oceans of the world. The International Seabed Authority will have the power to regulate ocean research and exploration, which may include setting quotas for oil. This could make any new oil and gas developments more difficult. There are fears by some that the Seabed Authority could essentially become the ocean’s police force, being only accountable to the UN. The decision to grant or withhold mining permits will be theirs to make. It will also be able to compete on its own for even higher profits, talk about a conflict of interest. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said, “The Law of the Sea treaty also would give UN power to tax American citizens and businesses, which has been a long-time dream of the anti-sovereignty globalists. LOST also would establish an international court system to enforce its provisions and rulings. Imagine not being able to do business internationally without the approval of the United Nations.” This treaty was clearly written by those who wish to have a world government. Global taxes, international courts-we are well on are way to this becoming a reality.

Over the years there have been attempts to alter certain provisions of LOST in an effort to get the U.S. to sign on, as it is doomed to failure without American ratification. Although there have been some changes, it still contains many of its original flaws. The Taxing of U.S. and other corporations which mine the ocean floors would constitute the first source of independent revenue for the UN. This is the model for a global taxation system, and the transfer of wealth and technology to the third world. It doesn’t matter if they call it permits, fees, or royalties. This will be a global taxation plan and another step towards world government.

LOST may have jurisdiction over matters on land and air because of the potential affects it could have on the oceans of the world. It sets up a system of tribunals and panels to resolve disputes. This puts U.S. interests at the mercy of international courts, which tend to be anti-American. The best example is the WTO tribunals, who are often hostile to U.S. interests. It could lead to the U.S. being sued because of greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the oceans. LOST could also override domestic laws and the Supreme Court, and might be used as a back-door for a global warming or other environmental taxation. Under the guise of protecting the environment, the UN is gaining more control over individuals and nation states alike.

LOST will take away America’s rights to free movement on the high seas, with the UN telling us what we can and cannot do. This represents a threat to our sovereignty and independence. This could limit U.S. military and intelligence operations at sea, and severely handicap America’s ability to pursue potential terrorists or other enemies. LOST places limits on the ocean area that countries may claim, and gives 70% of the earths surface to the UN. It could also undermine American historic claims to the Arctic. None of this is in America’s best interest. One of the last things we want to do is surrender more power and control over to UN bureaucracy.

The Law of the Sea Treaty is currently under review at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and could be brought to the floor for a vote in the next month. We need to ask ourselves, “Do we really want to turn over control of the ocean’s oil, gas, and minerals to the UN?” This is the same UN that undermines national sovereignty and wishes to control and micromanage all aspects of our lives. People also need to understand that when it starts collecting a global tax, no matter what they choose to call it, there can be little doubt that this is world government. It is not surprising that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the same traitors pushing for a North American Union, support the treaty. LOST is yet another threat to our sovereignty, security, and political independence.


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