Rove: History will see President Bush as right

Rove’s good-bye kiss: Critics of ‘clear-eyed’ Bush will be wrong like critic of Vietnam war

Nick Juliano
Raw Story
August 31, 2007

On his last day in the White House, Karl Rove gave President Bush one last politically charged booster shot.

In an essay published by the conservative National Review, Rove predicted that the president he has loyally served for more than a decade would be judged positively by history, and he took the opportunity to bash calls for a withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Rove reiterated the comparison of a troop withdrawal to the aftermath of Vietnam.

“History will see President Bush as right, and the opponents of his policy as mistaken — as George McGovern was in his time,” Rove wrote.

President Bush made headlines earlier this month when he reminded of the years of turmoil that followed America’s withdrawal from Vietnam in 1975, and some historians said Bush’s analogy to the situation in Iraq was inaccurate.

Rove argued that history’s view of Bush would be more “clear-eyed” than the assessments of current administration critics.

“He will be judged as a man of moral clarity who put America on a wartime footing in the dangerous struggle against radical Islamic terrorism,” Rove wrote.

Rove praised some of the president’s most controversial policies, including his No Child Left Behind initiative, which some states have called intrusive, and his decision not to join the Kyoto agreement, which aimed to reduce global carbon emissions.

The political guru trumpeted Bush’s economic record, claiming the 2003 tax cuts led to economic growth. Bush pursued and aggressive series of tax cuts almost as soon as he was elected, and some say his economic policies have created greater inequality.

On fighting genocide in Darfur, Rove argued that Bush hadn’t “refused to act,” despite his resistance to adding US troops to the region to stop the violence.

“While most of the globe ignored Sudan and Darfur or refused to act, this president labeled the violence there genocide — and pressed world leaders to take action,” Rove wrote of the extent of the president’s involvement.

Rove has nothing but kind words for the man he has known for nearly 34 years. Without another campaign to run for the president, Rove announced earlier this month that he would be leaving his post at the White House. Friday was his last day.


White House spokesman Tony Snow stepping down

August 31, 2007

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President George W. Bush on Friday announced the resignation of his press secretary Tony Snow, a former television commentator admired for his skill at sparring with reporters and who is battling cancer.

Bush picked Snow’s deputy, Dana Perino, to replace him when he leaves in two weeks. Perino, 35, will become only the second woman to hold that high-profile position in the White House.

Bush stopped in the White House press room before heading to the Pentagon to pay tribute to Snow, who is credited with livening up the daily news briefings with reporters.

“It’s been a joy to watch him spar with you,” Bush said.

Snow, 52, learned in March that the colon cancer he had fought earlier had recurred and has undergone chemotherapy.

But he said his decision to leave was for financial, not health, reasons. “I ran out of money,” said Snow, who earned much more in his former job as a Fox News commentator than at his government salary of $168,000 a year.

“We took out a loan when I came to the White House, and that loan is now gone. So I’m going to have to pay the bills,” said Snow, who is married with three children.

Snow said that his health has been fine and that tests have not indicated any growth in tumors or any new tumors.

“Right now I’m feeling great. I’ve finally put weight back on. I feel strong,” he said, adding that his thinning hair would come back.

Snow expressed admiration for the White House press corps while noting the often-adversarial relationship reporters have with press secretaries.

He joked with veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas that he someday wants to be sitting in the front row, as she does, “making life a living hell for a press secretary.”

Bush said that Perino, who has often filled in for Snow when he has been away, is someone who could “spell out the issues of the day in a way that people listening on TV can understand.”

“She can handle all of you,” he said.

But Perino, who is petite, said Snow left very big shoes to fill and joked, “I only wear a size 6.”

The only other woman to serve as White House press secretary was Dee Dee Myers, under former President Bill Clinton.

Snow said he plans to give speeches and stay involved in politics. He said he wants to raise awareness about cancer.

“I don’t know what he’s going to do, I’m not sure he does yet either,” Bush said. “One, he’ll battle cancer and win, and secondly he’ll be a solid contributor to society.”

Snow is the latest in a string of high-level White House officials to depart.

Friday was the last day at work for senior White House adviser Karl Rove. Snow described Rove’s final senior staff meeting this morning as emotional.

White House counselor Dan Bartlett, another longtime Bush adviser from Texas, left earlier this year.

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