Bush Calls for the Mass Murder of Iranians

Bush Calls for the Mass Murder of Iranians

Kurt Nimmo
August 28, 2007

According to Bush, Iran is “responsible for training extremist Shia factions in [Iraq] which it supplied with arms and weapons, including sophisticated roadside bombs. He referred specifically to 240mm rockets that he said had been made in Iran this year and smuggled into Iraq by Iranian agents,” the Guardian reports from Reno, Nevada, where Bush read from a yet another neocon generated script, this time at the 89th annual American Legion convention.

“Members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Qods Force are supplying extremist groups with funding and weapons, including sophisticated improvised explosive devices (IEDs). With the assistance of Hezbollah, they have provided training for violent forces active inside Iraq,” a White House press release, released to coincide with Bush’s speech, or rather script reading, would have us believe.

Of course, all of this nonsense, a fact pointed out by McClatchy Newspapers back in February. “Sunni Muslim insurgents remain by far the biggest threat to American troops in Iraq, despite recent U.S. claims that Iran is providing Shiite Muslim militia groups with a new type of roadside bomb, a review of American casualty reports shows,” writes Drew Brown. “While U.S. military officials have held briefings to publicize their concerns about the potent bombs known as explosively formed projectiles (EFPs) or penetrators, casualty reports suggest that such weapons in the hands of Shiite militias are responsible for a relatively small number of American deaths.”

U.S. officials have said that attacks with such weapons increased 150 percent in the past year. But a review of bombings by location shows that less than 10 percent of attacks that killed at least two American service members in the past 14 months were in areas where Shiite militias are dominant…. Of the 81 roadside bomb attacks that killed two or more soldiers from December 2005 through January 2007, one-quarter occurred in western Iraq, which is predominantly Sunni, and nearly two-thirds took place in Baghdad and other ethnically and religiously mixed areas, the reports show. Fewer than 10 percent were in predominantly Shiite areas.

Thus we are told Iran is not only supplying IEDs to Iraqi Shi’ites, but the Sunni insurgency as well. “The U.S. military has concluded that Sunni insurgents have acquired weapons from Iran,” the World Tribune reports. “U.S. commanders said Sunni insurgents, including operatives from Al Qaida, have received Iranian-origin weapons. The commanders said many of these weapons were believed to have been acquired through the black market,” never mind a paucity of evidence—but then neocons don’t need evidence, as fabrication and lies will suffice, especially when they are behind in their plan to reduce Iran to a smoldering ruin.

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division, gave the neocons a helping hand—or more likely received orders from the neocon infested Pentagon, when he stated earlier this week that “at least 50 Iranian agents” are “operating in his area of responsibility in central and southern Iraq. He said these operatives, both Iranian and Iraqi nationals, were members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.”

Excellent—if you’re a Muslim hating neocon, especially following up on Bush’s plan to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, the “first time a foreign military body has received that label,” as the neocon Reuel Marc Gerecht notes for the American Enterprise Institute, where Bush gets his criminal minds.

“Iran’s bloody role in Iraq has yet to be widely acknowledged,” Reuel Marc Gerecht continues. “But the clerical regime is killing U.S. soldiers there. Sophisticated Iranian explosive devices wielded by Shiite insurgents are producing ever-larger numbers of U.S. casualties. The brutal Mahdi Army of Moqtada al-Sadr is probably now responsible for about half of all U.S. combat deaths. Sadr, who visits Iran regularly, has developed close ties to the mullahs. And Iranian Revolutionary Guards have started training his henchmen inside Iraq. Tehran also continues to back the Shiite Badr Brigades, the military wing of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq. This is increasing internecine violence in southern Iraq, where the feeble British presence has nearly collapsed. Bloody confrontations between the Mahdi and Badr gunmen are on the upswing.”

Indeed, such confrontations are part of the neocon plan to splinter Iraq into three disparate parts based along ethnic and religious lines. Moreover, for obvious reasons, Mr. Gerecht, a former CIA Middle East specialist, does not bother to mention that Abdel Aziz al-Hakim, who runs the “Badr gunmen” out of the Iraqi Interior Ministry, is in fact a neocon stooge, so favored—despite his association with Iran—he was allowed to travel to Houston for cancer treatment. It should also be noted that SCIRI was selected to receive funding through the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998. Gerecht mentions none of this, of course, as the point here is to turn the blame toward Iran, the next target.

As an aside, it should be noted that Gerecht, in an essay entitled Iran: Fundamentalism and Reform, enthusiastically recommends attacking Iran, if either the United States or Israel can convincingly make a case that Iran is supporting terrorism, a process well advanced, never mind how facile. “If Washington catches the Iranians in a terrorist act,” writes the dedicated PNACer, “then the U.S. Navy should retaliate with fury … If we attack, U.S. armed forces must strike with truly devastating effect against the ruling mullahs and the repressive institutions that maintain them. That is, no cruise missiles at midnight to minimize the body count. The clerics will almost certainly strike back unless Washington uses overwhelming, paralyzing force.” In short, the U.S., if Gerecht and the neocons have their way—and it certainly appears they will—should spare no brutality against the people of Iran, same as they unleashed murderous and even genocidal fury against the people of Iraq.

Finally, in an effort to crank up the heat, U.S. soldiers entered the Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad and arrested seven Iranians working for the Iranian Electricity Ministry soon after Bush delivered his neocon generated speech. “President Bush specifically stated that he had authorized his military commanders in Iraq to confront what he called ‘Iran’s murderous activities’ in the country,” reports the BBC.

Obviously, rebuilding Iraq’s electrical grid, so effectively decimated by the U.S. in March, 2003, is considered “murderous activities” by the neocons who, of course, want nothing less than collective suffering on the part of every Iraqi, Iranian, and any other Muslim with the temerity to resist invasion and occupation.

Neocons One Step Closer to Attacking Iran

Kurt Nimmo
August 26, 2007

As should be expected, the neocons have shifted from one preposterous lie to another in order to prepare the way for eventually inflicting mass murder, mayhem, and misery on the people of Iran.

“In an effort to build congressional and Pentagon support for military options against Iran, the Bush administration has shifted from its earlier strategy of building a case based on an alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program to one invoking improvised explosive devices (IEDs) purportedly manufactured in Iran that are killing US soldiers in Iraq,” writes Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story. “According to officials—including two former Central Intelligence Agency case officers with experience in the Middle East—the administration believes that by focusing on the alleged ties between IEDs and Iran, they can link the Iranian government directly to attacks on US forces in Iraq.”

Call it aluminum tubes redux. No doubt, in two or three years, after Iran suffers the horrific fate of Iraq, there will once again be rumblings in the media that the Iran IED accusations were not only baseless, but yet another primary example of the duplicitous nature of the neocons. Recall, as well, that the last time around the CIA argued that 100,000 high-strength aluminum tubes Iraq allegedly attempted to purchase demonstrated Saddam Hussein was feverishly and methodically working toward the objective of nuking grade school kids in Pocatello, Idaho. Of course, it did not matter at the time that technical experts from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge, Livermore, and Los Alamos National Laboratories, as well as the International Atomic Energy Agency, found this claim ludicrous.

Indeed, the entire “case” against Saddam Hussein was fixed around the “policy,” that is to say the neocon plan to mass murder extraordinary numbers of helpless and enfeebled Iraqis, emerging from the barbarity of more than a decade of medieval sanctions, a regime that cost over a million lives—more than 500,000 of them children—well “worth it,” as Clinton’s former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, infamously averred.

In 2005, Bush admitted to employing Hitler’s Big Lie, that is to say a series of lies so “colossal,” as Hitler explained in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf, that the public accepts all manner of crimes in their names by way of willful ignorance. “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda,” said Bush, obviously taking his cue cards from the neocons.

Now we have the Big Lie in regard to Iran, as preposterous and nonsensical as Iraq’s illusory weapons of mass destruction.

“The US military has provided credible evidence that the specialized IEDs known as explosively formed penetrators (EFPs), which have been killing US troops in Iraq, appear to have been manufactured in Iran. Intelligence and military officials caution, however, that there is nothing tying the weapons directly to the Iranian government, nor is there a direct evidentiary chain of custody linking the IEDs to Iran,” Alexandrovna continues. Even so, this “is viewed by some in the Bush Administration as sufficient justification for taking military action against Iran,” that is to say “sufficient justification” to butcher Iranian grandmothers and toddlers.

“The origins of the [IED] theme of Iranian complicity strongly suggest that it was a propaganda line aimed at reducing the Bush administration’s acute embarrassment at its inability to stop the growing death toll of U.S. troops from shaped charges fired at armored vehicles by Sunni insurgents,” notes Gareth Porter. “The U.S. command admitted at first that the Sunnis were making the shaped charges themselves. On Jun. 21, 2005, Gen. John R. Vines, then the senior U.S. commander in Iraq, told reporters that the insurgents had probably drawn on bomb-making expertise from former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s army,” not the Iranians.

But never mind—the neocons can count on the fact the average American does not know the difference between a Sunni and a Shi’ite, the former engaged in resistance and the later not, preferring instead—with the exception of Muqtada al-Sadr’s militia and a handful of other Shia renegades—to fence sit and even participate in the U.S. imposed puppet government.

As usual, in now standard neocon fashion, the original story of the resistance manufacturing the IEDs morphed into Iranian complicity. Bush and the neocons—or rather the neocons—made the decision “to start blaming its new problem in Iraq on Tehran. On Aug. 4, 2005, Pentagon and intelligence officials leaked the story to NBC and CBS that U.S. troops had ‘intercepted’ dozens of shaped charges said to have been ‘smuggled into northeastern Iraq only last week'” and the “NBC story quoted intelligence officials as saying they believed the IEDs were shipped into Iraq by Iranian Revolutionary Guards or Hezbollah, but were ‘convinced it could not have happened without the full consent of the Iranian government.'” In short, it was a big enough lie to begin a process that will result in thousands of dead Iranians and yet another depleted uranium killing field.

“A senior intelligence official told Raw Story Tuesday that the CIA had stepped up operations in the region, shifting their Iran focus to ‘other’ approaches in preference to the ‘black propaganda’ that Raw Story ‘has already reported on,'” explains Alexandrovna. “The source would not elaborate on what these ‘other’ approaches are,” although this should be a no-brainer.

No doubt at least a few people in Iran understand what happens when the CIA shifts it focus. “The CIA did exactly what was asked of it in Iran, deposing a mildly nationalist regime that was a minor irritant to US policymakers,” writes Mark Zepezauer. “In 1951, Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, “the most popular politician in the country,” was elected Prime Minister of Iran. His major election plank was the nationalization of the only oil company operating in Iran at that time-British Petroleum. The nationalization bill was passed unanimously by the Iranian Parliament…. Though Mossadegh offered BP considerable compensation, his days were numbered from that point on. The British coordinated an international economic embargo of Iran, throwing its economy into chaos. And the CIA, at the request of the British, began spending millions of dollars on ways to get rid of Mossadegh,” resulting in the installation of Reza Pahlavi, the son of a Nazi collaborator. Pahlavi the lesser unleashed SAVAK, a secret police force with “the worst human rights record on the planet, and that the number and variety of torture techniques the CIA had taught SAVAK were ‘beyond belief.'”

Iran has plenty of company, however. Since the “national security” organization was established in the late 1940s, it has sabotaged governments in Guatemala, Hungary, Laos, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Brazil, Greece, the Congo (now Zaire), Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, Angola, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Iraq, and elsewhere.

“There’s a lesson in all of this,” John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief in Angola in 1976, reflected nearly two decades ago. “And the lesson is that it isn’t only Gestapo maniacs, or KGB maniacs, that do inhuman things to other people, it’s people that do inhuman things to other people. And we are responsible for doing these things, on a massive basis, to people of the world today. And we do it in a way that gives us this plausible denial to our own consciences; we create a CIA, a secret police, we give them a vast budget, and we let them go and run these programs in our name, and we pretend like we don’t know it’s going on, although the information is there for us to know… And we’re just as responsible for these 1 to 3 million people we’ve slaughtered and for all the people we’ve tortured and made miserable, as the Gestapo was the people that they’ve slaughtered and killed.”

Indeed, “we are responsible for doing these things,” and we will be responsible for whatever nastiness the neocons inflict on the Iranian people, as we have allowed these psychopaths to take over the government, same as the Nazis seized the reigns of control before them.

Of course, if one is plugged into Borg News, and is more concerned about allegations of abuse on the “reality show” Kid Nation, he or she cannot be said to be responsible—as responsiblity requires a conscience—or even cognizant, for that matter.

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