FOX News Anchor Pathetically Attempts to Dismiss North American Union Agenda

Fox News Anchor Pathetically Attempts To Dismiss North American Union Agenda
Jon Gibson: Alex Jones shouts a lot, therefore there is no Pan American Union plot

Steve Watson
August 21, 2007

Anti-American Fox Noise Channel’s Neo-Con Bush boot-licker John Gibson has once again chosen to attack Infowars and Alex Jones, this time in an attempt to rubbish the existence of the plot to create a North American Union.

While the three heads of state of the U.S., Mexico and Canada continue to conduct regional harmonization talks at the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit in Quebec, the albino vampire John Gibson has attempted to rubbish the theory that the SPP represents such a move by comparing Alex Jones’ voice to that of John Goodman in the feature film The Big Lebowski.

“He is a total nut, foaming at the mouth, he may even be a bit on the rabid side.” Gibson spouts. Yes that proves it then, whatever “it” is supposed to be.

Listen to the audio:

Note: The voices you will hear are those of Gibson himself, his guest, recordings of Alex Jones he bizarrely throws in at certain points and lastly that of a totally pointless sidekick he apparently keeps chained in the corner and feeds only when he barks in agreement with his melanin starved slave master.

Though Gibson admits to the existence of a planned Trans Texas Corridor trade route, he froths, “However the whole idea that this is conflating into an amalgamation of the three countries strikes me as absurd”, further describing the idea as a “tin foil hat jackass conspiracy theory”.

Clearly the peroxide prince of spin is not aware of the fact that 22 members of the House of Representatives have put their names to a letter to president Bush describing their concerns about the secretive manner in which the SPP is being conducted and that it “may actually undermine our security and sovereignty”.

Neither is “Gibby” aware of the fact that 18 states have introduced resolutions calling on their federal representatives to halt work on the North American Union (they include Virginia and South Carolina) and that 3 of these states (Idaho, Montana and Oklahoma) have passed their resolutions.

Clearly he is also not aware of SPP documents released under a FOIA request that prove a wide range of US administrative law is being re-written in stealth under the Security and Prosperity Partnership program to “integrate” and “harmonize” with administrative law in Mexico and Canada.

Clearly he is also unaware of Further documents (PDF link) from last year’s SPP meeting in Banff which were obtained by Judicial Watch under the FOIA which refer to an “evolution by stealth” agenda for the SPP.

The recent news that the United States and the European Union have signed up to a new transatlantic economic partnership that will see regulatory standards “harmonized” and will lay the basis for a merging of the US and EU into one single market, also presumably passed Gibson by.

And evidently Gibson has never caught his rival news anchors over at CNN or CNBC regularly broadcasting reports on the coming NAU merger.

Instead of inviting Alex Jones onto his show to debate the facts, which would have been wise considering his incredible and total ignorance of all of the above, the cowardly and pathetic Gibson chooses to play out of context recorded clips of Alex, which he then laughs at or makes snide remarks after. Regular listeners to Gibson (if there are any) will recognize this as a method he repeatedly employs.

In addition while Gibson’s guest, 9/11 truth activist Jessica Wilson, does her best to explain what exactly the NAU is, she admits she is no expert on the subject, and it quickly becomes clear that she is only there to be prodded and poked fun at.

When Wilson does make a salient point about Robert Pastor, one of the architects of the plan for a regional government, Gibson and his side kick just reply by interrupting her and sarcastically asking “do you believe George Bush carried out 9/11?” and “have you had black helicopters flying over your house recently?”

Meanwhile Alex Jones’ nationally syndicated show yesterday featured three leading experts on the subject, speaking live from the current SPP summit in Montebello, Canada contributing to a three hour in- depth feature on the issue.

While the clips of Alex betray an impassioned and alarmed talk show host working tirelessly to wake up his audience to the very real stealth movement toward a North American Union by providing them with verifiable facts, Gibson’s comments remind one of a bored spotty teenager making his own radio show in his bedroom with his equally socially retarded accomplice.

The fact that Gibson continues to be afforded the grandstand of a nationally syndicated radio show by his employers, yet clearly represents a totally pointless waste of airtime, confirms his true status as a weak minded and spiritually enslaved apologist for the corporate elite.

Like a nagging poodle yelping at our feet all the time trying to get our attention, Gibson seems to now use his ad hominem attacks on Alex Jones as an excuse for anything. Last May he stated that Presidential candidate Ron Paul should be kicked out of the debates simply for appearing on the Alex Jones show on a regular basis.

The dumb blond also suggested that Ron Paul’s assertion that bombing third world countries breeds hatred in the middle east is also a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory!

Gibson has also previously attacked the 9/11 truth movement on his gut wrenching “Big Story” show by promulgating demonstrably provable lies and promoting free speech haters. He also regularly enjoys mocking the tragic events of 9/11 that so many have so tirelessly poured over in attempt to get to the truth. Most recently Gibson defended a columnist who stated that another 9/11 style attack would “help America”, prompting MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann to hand Gibson his own behind on a platter.

Once again, we thank John Gibson and Fox News for the continued attention they are bringing to the issues we cover – because for any of their viewers that still possess their own set of teeth, they will be encouraged to “go to the Google”, as Gibson puts it, and enter terms like “North American Union” and “Alex Jones” and find out the truth.

We invite Gibson and his ilk to continue their desperate attacks because anyone with two brain cells left to rub together can immediately deduce how liars and con-artists behave – and how their impetuous smear tactics are manifested.

A growing number of Americans are realising that their sovereignty and the very way of life is under attack from globalist corporate servants within their own government. The establishment media is scared stiff about the fact and it’s enlightening to see them squirm, smear and lie in an attempt to retrieve something from an information war that they have already lost.

What is the ‘North American Union’?


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