Conservative Leaders Plead To Bush: No North American Union

Conservative Leaders Plead To Bush: No North American Union

Joe Murray
The Bulletin
August 22, 2007

While the small Canadian village of Montebello is customarily known for its posh luxury and elegant surroundings, for the last two days the village has played host to the 2008 Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America meeting between President Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico.

SPP meetings, which are customarily held behind closed doors and known for their secrecy, represent a time when the leaders of the three most influential nations in the western hemisphere come together to discuss various issues of policy.
At this past meeting, which concluded yesterday, the three leaders discussed issues ranging from immigration to Canadian land rights in the Arctic to the need to stop the illegal flow of drugs crossing America’s southwest border.
The purpose of the meeting is to develop ways to integrate the three nations, both economically and politically. This goal has raised serious concerns that the three nations are seeking to subtly form a North American Union that would rival its European counterpart. Such a plan could possibly lead to a NAFTA Superhighway connecting the three nations, as well as a movement for a common currency. But as Bush was engaged in discussions with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a number of conservative activists were also in Montebello voicing their opposition. Arguing that American sovereignty should not be compromised to benefit commercial interests, a new conservative grassroots organization was not shy in voicing its opposition to a North American Union.
At a press conference held Monday, Howard Phillips, president of the Coalition to Block the North American Union (CBNAU), condemned America’s participation and urged Americans to take a stand against the “New World Order” that Bush and the other two leaders are trying to create.
“George Bush and his daddy [former President George H. W. Bush] have both used the term ‘New World Order.’ It was used by Woodrow Wilson. It was used by Adolf Hitler. It was used by a number of people, and the New World Order relates to the desire of many people in the world to submerge national sovereignties to international institution,” stated Phillips at the press conference.
The CBNAU has attracted a number of influential conservatives ranging from Bay Buchanan, senior campaign advisor to Tom Tancredo, and Phyllis Schlafly, founder of Eagle Forum. Phillips’ new organization has also cut across partisan politics and attracted the congressional support of Rep. Virgil Goode Jr., D-Va.
The past few days have been a whirlwind for Phillips, as the political veteran explained that there has been a major “breakthrough” for those concerned about preserving national sovereignty and the integrity of the Constitution.
“We had a great day in Canada,” explained Phillips. “We had tremendous news coverage.”
Phillips, who was a key figure in the fight against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), was sure to point out that the political environment that greeted NAFTA opponents in the early ’90s has become more inviting.
“This is a big difference from the ’90s, as it took a long time to wake up our people and tell them there was a serious crisis at hand,” stated Phillips. Because of Internet access, around-the-clock cable news service and other enhanced forms of communication, Phillips believes it is easier to keep grassroots America informed.
Among the main issues of contention for CBNAU is the devastating affect NAFTA has had on American manufacturing, the construction of a 12-lane NAFTA Superhighway, and the president’s usurpation of the traditional congressional power to handle commerce with foreign nations.
“Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution explicitly states that Congress – not the executive branch – has the power to ‘regulate commerce with foreign nations.’ Also, many SPP working group meetings are held in secret, and the public, the press and members of Congress have no opportunity to participate or conduct oversight,” stated Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C.
The president, at a joint press conference with Calderon and Harper, shrugged off concerns that the SPP was a threat to America’s sovereignty.
Characterizing opponents of the SPP as individuals who “like to frighten citizens” into believing that a relationship with Mexico and Canada is harmful to the United States, Bush stated, “I am amused by what actually takes place in the meeting and what some says takes place. … It is comical.”
Arguing that there are “several myths about this meeting,” Calderon chimed in and explained that at the SPP meetings, “we simply take advantage of being neighbors.”
Bush also took the time to praise NAFTA, telling reporters that trade agreement has yielded prosperity, something his critics say is false.
“Since NAFTA was approved, the United States has lost 3.1 million manufacturing jobs. More than 10,000 illegal aliens now stream across our southern border every week. The U.S. does not need its government equalizing standards and regulations that will result in more American jobs going to Mexico and more illegal aliens coming to America,” Jones said.
Members of the CBNAU are unconvinced by the three leaders, for they argue their actions do not reflect their words. Therefore, Congress has decided to take action to protect American sovereignty.

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