Ex-CIA Director Hints at Iraq War One Day After 9/11
August 17, 2007, 9:48 am
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White House Ally & Ex-CIA Director Hints At Iraq War & Occupation One Day After 9/11

Former CIA director and ‘Project For A New American Century’ member James Woolsey suggests a war with and occupation of Iraq within 24 hours of the 9/11 attacks.

The ‘Project For A New American Century’ one year earlier had cited the need for ‘a new Pearl Harbor’ in order to implement the growth of the U.S. military and its eventual penetration into the oil rich middle east.

Perhaps not coincidentally, 2 years after 9/11, the U.S. waged war with Iraq and 4 years after the start of this war the U.S. now militarily occupies Iraq.

Hardball: Pro-war vet says we invaded Iraq because we needed it as a base

Raw Story
August 16, 2007

Chris Matthews presented a debate Tuesday over reviving the draft between conservative Iraq War veteran Mark Finelli and veteran John Bruhns of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.

Finelli started off by arguing that the war effort has been poorly planned and poorly equipped because the “elite of this country don’t have a vested personal interest in winning the war.” He stated his belief that if the middle class was subject to a draft, the excuse that “we don’t have enough money” for proper equipment would no longer be heard.

“George Bush took us into war on a fallacy,” Bruhns began. “He took us in there under-equipped — I totally agree with Mark on that — under-manned, no plan to win the peace. He managed the war with utter incompetence.” However, when asked if a draft might bring a quick end to the war, Bruhns replied, “Over 70% of the American people are against this war. I could not endorse trying to force people to go over and fight George Bush’s war against their will.”

“The reason why 70% of the American public is against the war is because we’re not winning decisively,” insisted Finelli. In seeming contradiction to his earlier argument in favor of a draft, he added, “The surge is working, and I could tell America this: If you don’t want a draft, let us finish the job there. … If we leave Iraq, the next terrorist attack in this country is going to be far more devastating than September 11th ever was.”

Bruhns pointed out that even Secretary of Defense Gates recently said that “the purpose of the surge was so that we could have a political reconciliation,” but that now seems “almost impossible.”

“What does victory look like?” Matthews then asked, setting off an extraordinary interchange between him and Finelli.

“After September 11th, we did have 20,000 troops in Saudi Arabia; we were asked to leave,” Finelli said. “Essentially, bin Laden was restoring the caliphate. He’s dictating to the American people where our troops can and cannot be. Operation Iraqi Freedom is essentially about that. So victory essentially is maintaining our geopolitical …”

“You mean we needed a country to base our troops in so we took over Iraq?” asked Matthews.

“Essentially, yes,” agreed Finelli.

“That’s a pretty frightening admission on the part of a warhawk!” exclaimed Matthews. “We went there because we wanted a country we could use as a base in a very imperial way!”

“I’m not going to debate that — but zero terrorist attacks in the country for five years,” said Finelli. “Zero. And this is a major reason why.”

Matthews then referred to a new CBS poll which showed that Americans “three to one, roughly, believe the more we fight in Iraq, the more terrorists we create. … There’s very few countries in that part of the world we don’t control. Can’t you imagine, from their perspective … don’t they see us coming?”

“They were coming after us anyway,” said Finelli.

“Who’s they?” asked Matthews, pointing out that the 9/11 hijackers all came from countries that are our allies, but “now we go attack the one country that they didn’t come from.”

Asked to offer a final observation, Bruhns said earnestly, “Chris, we’ve got to end this war. We’ve got to find a way out. … I want to bring our troops home.” However, Finelli couldn’t resist jumping in to get the last word, saying, “a draft is inevitable if you run.”

The following video is from MSNBC’s Hardball, broadcast on August 14.

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