MSNBC Deletes Ron Paul’s Votes
August 10, 2007, 10:51 am
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MSNBC Deletes Ron Paul’s Votes
MSNBC’s Hardball Ad Challenge fixed! Ron Paul’s votes reset or switched from +3,000 votes to the very bottom

MSNBC’s show Hardball put out a contest for the upcoming Presidential election. They had viewers make promotional videos for each candidate & a poll for people to vote on which video they liked the best. The one that got the most votes was to be aired on Hardball, a major cable television show during primetime hours to millions of viewers which is extremely valuable free advertising. The videos that were made for Ron Paul had gotten the most votes and were ranked number one & number two, the number one having over 3000 votes. Earlier today, either due to a glitch or an intended conspiracy on MSNBC’s part, all of Ron Paul votes have been transfered to other candidates & Barack Obama’s video has his 3000+ votes. If you had voted for Ron Paul’s winning video prior to today your vote is now recorded as being for Obama.

The best way to handle this situation is to both contact MSNBC & notify them of their either accidental or deliberate mistake & demand that the 3000+ votes for Ron Paul’s video be returned to him, as well as to vote once again for both Ron Paul’s videos, & to get the word out to everyone you know who is a Ron Paul supporter to do both as well & spread the word on to others that they know. We don’t have much time as I’ve heard that the contest is ending in a day, & Paul is now down by over 2500 votes even though they were all casted for him. Contacting MSNBC is necessary because it will at the least potentially have the effect of preventing them from stealing Paul’s votes again if this has been a deliberate effort of cheating by those in the mainstream media who do not want Ron Paul to be successful, and at best it will have the effect of forcing MSNBC to correct this & return the votes to Ron Paul. But we should also not give up on the poll just because this has happened, & with the combined effort of contacting & complaining to MSNBC as a safeguard we should all vote for both Ron’s videos again & spread the word to do so. With a huge effort we can potentially take back this contest & get the Ron Paul promotional video played on mainstream primetime television.

Here is the link to the poll:

And these are the contacts for MSNBC & Hardball. For your message to be most effective be assertive but not overly profane:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Here are some more contacts for MSNBC, there may be some duplicates in here but these include phonelines:

MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC Programming Executive Producer Marc Rosenwasser (212) 664-3880 (201) 583-5512
MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC Media Relations Contact Alana Russo (201) 583-5013 (201) 583-5453
MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC President Neal Shapiro (212) 664-4444 (201) 583-5453
MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC Media Relations Director Paulette Song (201) 583-5010 (201) 583-5453
MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC President Erik Sorenson (201) 583-5050 (201) 583-5453
MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC Advertising Sales Senior Vice President Susan Epstein Sosnay (201) 583-5000 (201) 583-5453
MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC Operations Director Mel Weidner (201) 583-5000 (201) 583-5453

UPDATE: The votes have returned to their rightful owners, please stop emailing them as our voice was heard loud and clear.


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