Loose Change Producer Arrested!
July 27, 2007, 7:44 am
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Korey Rowe’s Arrest Makes Him A Political Prisoner

Rogue Government
July 25, 2007

UPDATE: Korey Rowe has now been released by the U.S. Army. Below is a short YouTube clip he posted last night explaining his situation. He has also gone on the record stating that he was honorably discharged from the military and this is covered extensively via this link. Thanks to all who got the word out about this story.

Korey Rowe one of the producers of the hit 9/11 documentary film, Loose Change was recently arrested for allegedly deserting the U.S. Army. The 2nd edition of Loose Change which exposes the events of 9/11 as an inside job has become one of the most downloaded films ever on the Internet. Rowe’s arrest is unquestionably a politically motivated event designed to disrupt the upcoming release of the final cut edition of the film slated for a theatrical release this September.

Rowe is a U.S. Army veteran who served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and has collaborated on the Loose Change films with fellow producers Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas. According to commentary by Alex Jones speaking on his radio show today, Rowe had already been picked up and discharged and had flown within the U.S. several times without issue. If this arrest was legitimate, Rowe would not have been able to fly since military warrants are tracked at airports. This arrest doesn’t make any sense except when you consider the political motivations for the military industrial complex to arrest him. This is a selective arrest and Rowe is being held as a political prisoner by the U.S. government because of his political activism.

Below is a blurb from the NY Daily Star detailing Rowe’s arrest.

Rowe was arrested on a “military warrant” that Devlin said was brought to the attention of deputies by the Oneonta Police Department, who received information from a source outside of that department.

The question is what sources outside of the Oneonta Police Department provided this information that lead to the arrest of Rowe? Clearly, the military arranged to have him arrested as a way to disrupt the production and release of the final cut edition of Loose Change. The military doesn’t even have the time and the resources to go after deserters so why did these so called sources take the time and the energy to specifically go after Rowe?

Even though military desertions have risen, only 5% of lawbreakers are reprimanded according to an article from the Associated Press. Rowe’s arrest is clearly a case of selective enforcement.

Here is yet another article that details how the military doesn’t have the time and the resources to go after deserters.

The Bush administration has abused the U.S. military for far too long. With stop loss orders and multiple combat tours, this administration has abused the military and justified their abuse with countless lies. George W. Bush and his administration of Nazi traitors should be the ones arrested, not patriots like Korey Rowe.

The fact that assorted anti-freedom and anti-American neo-con bloggers like this one are cheering Rowe’s arrest is a disgrace. These people have completely sold out to the ideals of fascism and are nothing more than propaganda tools for the New World Order. They should look at the evidence and the facts surrounding the events of 9/11 instead of mindlessly parroting the military industrial complex controlled propaganda.

Prison Planet has also done a write up on this disturbing event and has provided phone numbers to demand that Rowe be released. We will not tolerate a veteran and an American patriot to be a political prisoner. Please call the numbers provided in this article and demand his release now.

If anything, Rowe’s arrest will anger the 9/11 truth and patriot movement and provide more press for the upcoming release of the Loose Change: Final Cut Edition. The military industrial complex is making a big mistake by arresting him and keeping him as a political prisoner.

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